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A little bit about writing…

I’ve been a writer and a lover of writing ever since I can remember. Short stories. Poems. Journaling. Until one morning a few years ago, cramped into a dark corner of that temporary basement apartment during our first days in Stuttgart, I decided it was time to write a novel. I opened my computer, jotted down a scene that had been developing in the back of my mind, and dove headfirst – hopefully and quite happily – into the world of Metzlingen.

I enjoy breaking down words, structure, craft and character. Dissecting human relationships and behavior. How we become the people we are and how we grow into the people we are meant to be. Writing is both music and art to me – listening to how the words build upon one another to carry a story and how they paint a picture in our minds. I am largely inspired by history and love to incorporate details from my years living, researching and traveling abroad into my writing. I enjoy reading in most any genre – a good story is a good story and a great one is a gift.

A little bit about me…

As a military child, military spouse, and former public servant, I’ve spent my life in a perpetual state of traveling, moving, meeting people and learning about new places and things. It’s been a humbling, and brilliant, experience – one that I am very thankful for. I’m a special needs mom of five fantastic children and three furry kids. I strive to honor their unique voices and perspective – their perseverance, resilience, struggles, and limitless grace – and also those who live a life of service both inside and out of the home.

I function on coffee, cool breezes, cats, and colorful histories. I’m one of those people who loves to research things – I thrive on details and learning how things function and WHY. I’ve been very lucky to travel to most of the places that inspired Metzlingen. Toured the ruins, the buildings and museums. Touched the landscape. Tasted the local flavors and treats. Talked to locals and enjoyed learning about the cultures. I’ve been blessed to experience such things, especially walking through my family’s history in hopes of presenting those stories and experiences authentically and immersively for my readers.

I believe there is beauty in broken things. That everyone has a story. And there is always, always hope.

I love to hear from readers and other writers, so please feel free to contact me.

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