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Settled In and Charging Forward: Writing Space & Writing Process

Hello friends! Checking in with updates on all the things 🙂 An author that I follow online shared a post the other day and asked a simple question – “Do you keep lists?“ Do I? I answered to the effect of “My lists have… Continue Reading “Settled In and Charging Forward: Writing Space & Writing Process”

One Year Later

Tomorrow is THE KING’S SWORD’s book birthday 🙂 I still sometimes can’t believe that. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and for coming along with me on the journey to Metzlingen. The novel is so very closer to my heart and to… Continue Reading “One Year Later”

Back in the Seat & Building a Bucket-List (or Two)

Coffee? Check. Computer? Check. Cats (aka my writing buddies)? Double Check. Then let’s go! After about . . . two months of solid move prep, inventorying, and movers, I am BACK IN THE SEAT. The seat’s a bit different, as we’re in camp out… Continue Reading “Back in the Seat & Building a Bucket-List (or Two)”

Journey to Metzlingen: “Adventures in German Cooking” Part One

I recently had an email from a reader asking about providing “Questions for Book Clubs” for my novel “The King’s Sword”, which led to a fun conversation with some writing friends. Not only did we discuss creating a series of thoughtful questions (which I’m… Continue Reading “Journey to Metzlingen: “Adventures in German Cooking” Part One”

My Journey To Metzlingen (Part Two)

Back when I was a kid (as my kids sometimes say…), I used to simply sit down and write. There’s a carefree joy in that. Writing was both a growth experience and a release of sorts, as I learned to have fun with words.… Continue Reading “My Journey To Metzlingen (Part Two)”