Month: August 2021

Beyond the Page: Where History Meets Metzlingen

Opening Scene: The Battle of Guinegate It’s common knowledge amongst historical writers that only a portion of what we actually research ends up on the page. For ten pages of research reading, perhaps only a line or two might be written to place the… Continue Reading “Beyond the Page: Where History Meets Metzlingen”

It’s Release Day!!

It’s time! It’s release day! The King’s Sword is live! This has been such a journey – I’m smiling, I’m crying, I’m dancing and I’m spinning all at once – I am so very thrilled to finally share this story with you. It’s a… Continue Reading “It’s Release Day!!”

Glimpse Behind the King’s Sword Photo

Family, Flohmarkt Finds & Fuel for Worldbuilding OK, so I love the photos above. On the right, my crew, though much younger, looking out over the Ill River in Strasbourg a few years ago. We had visited there to explore the city, meet up… Continue Reading “Glimpse Behind the King’s Sword Photo”