Month: July 2021

Bookplates & A Giveaway

WHOA . . . it’s almost release day. WHAT!? When did that even happen!? I’m spinning. I’m dancing. I’m nervous. I’m scrambling, but I’m pumped! And dangit – it’s time to start celebrating! Two fun things to announce – First, if you’ve subscribed to… Continue Reading “Bookplates & A Giveaway”

Meet Avelina

Oh friends. We have reached single digits in the countdown to release… Honestly, I can’t even begin to wrap my head around that. I’ve been writing these characters and their stories for years now – always intending to get to this point – but… Continue Reading “Meet Avelina”

Only Two More Weeks!

Straddling so many emotions these days. Every passing hour brings me a step closer to realizing this lifelong dream and it’s both overwhelming and exhilarating at once. I can’t wait to share my story with you — especially the characters that I’ve spent so… Continue Reading “Only Two More Weeks!”

Beyond The Page: Where History Meets Metzlingen

1479 It’s common knowledge amongst historical writers that only a portion of what we actually research ends up on the page. For ten pages of research reading, perhaps only a line or two might be written to place the reader into that historical setting.… Continue Reading “Beyond The Page: Where History Meets Metzlingen”

Phew! What A Month It Was & What A Month It Will Be!

I have been pretty quiet here for the month of June, so wanted to check in with an update. It was a rather busy month. And July is going to be quite full as well! Quick Family Review: We finished up the school year… Continue Reading “Phew! What A Month It Was & What A Month It Will Be!”