Cover Reveal

Here it is – the cover for The King’s Sword, the first novel in The Metzlingen Saga!! I am BEYOND THRILLED to share this with you!!

Seeing this come together as been an absolute joy.

Like anything else with writing, it was a process. The very first step of which was to call in one my dearest friends – creative genius and professional designer – Kate Absher Myers.

Kate read through the story, discussed the characters and themes with me at length, as well as where the story will lead from here. Draft after draft, she tweaked her design until this beauty came about. This cover not only represents this novel, but also gives you a glimpse into the saga and what’s the come as a whole.

Inspired by the era, the landscape, the colors, the language, the artistry, the ruins, and several of the characters themselves, I hope you enjoy this jewel-toned beauty as much as I do.

Here below you can find the link for the pre-order on Amazon. Other links coming soon

17 Comments on “Cover Reveal

  1. Beautiful! Love the collaboration between friends and their creative talents!


  2. Wow such detail and skill! Absolutely stunning! I can’t wait to read your novel. Good friends creating a beautiful masterpiece together!


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