Bookplates & A Giveaway

WHOA . . . it’s almost release day. WHAT!? When did that even happen!?

I’m spinning. I’m dancing. I’m nervous. I’m scrambling, but I’m pumped!

And dangit – it’s time to start celebrating!

Two fun things to announce –

First, if you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll be automatically entered into a GIVEAWAY! For what? One lucky winner will receive a personalized print copy of The King’s Sword, along with a $20 Amazon gift card. Woohoo!! Giveaway is open until 0800 EST release day morning / August 3rd, 2021. One winner will be chosen at random and notified by email. So excited for this! If you haven’t yet subscribed and would like to be included in the chance to win, all you have to do is subscribe before the window closes.

Second, I’ve created a set of special Bookplate stickers to go along with the book release! Yay! What are Bookplates you ask? They’re signed stickers that you can place right inside of your book (or use as a bookmark, or just hold onto, it’s totally up to you). There are two of them in the set: one I will personalize with a note from me to you, and the other has a sketch of “Lukas & Liesl” that I created for the novel, but didn’t make it in. If you’re interested in a set of personalized Bookplates, please email me a copy of your receipt for The King’s Sword, and we’ll coordinate getting your set out to you! Woohoo!!!!

Thanks for checking in!

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