It’s Release Day!!

It’s time! It’s release day! The King’s Sword is live! 😳😍😭😊❤️

This has been such a journey – I’m smiling, I’m crying, I’m dancing and I’m spinning all at once – I am so very thrilled to finally share this story with you. It’s a love story. A story of friendship and found family. It’s a story of trials and triumphs. Risk and reward. A story of loss, grief, sacrifice . . . but also connection, second chances, acceptance, and hope. The hope that moves us forward and helps us find the strength to rise again and become who we are meant to be. A friend wrote to me last night that she wasn’t just excited to read what’s next for the main characters, but that she was drawn to the supporting characters as well, saying “they each have a story to tell.” YESSSS! Yes, they certainly do ❤️ This is only the beginning, friends – Welcome to Metzlingen!

I promise to write another post soon, talking more about the journey to this point, but today I promised myself that I would sit back and enjoy this day with my kids ❤ See you again soon!!

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