Journey to Metzlingen: Literally :)

“I’m gonna live here, Momma. Someday, I’m gonna move back and live in Garmisch.”

Lizzie – on our last family vacation before we left Germany in June 2019

When my Lizzie told me that years ago, as she and her twin sister were happily swinging with the mountains right behind them, I remember nodding my head and smiling. I was simply happy my children were happy and hoped that we had given them enough opportunities to remember their time living in Germany fondly.

Their school year was over and some of their friends (fellow military kids) were already starting to move. After a few “See You Laters” and big hugs, we took the last opportunity we had before our own flight and whisked the kids away to their favorite place in Germany, Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

When we flew to the states a few weeks later, I’ll be honest – I didn’t think we would ever go back. Perhaps on a mini-vacation one day. Perhaps on a writing research trip, if I could ever manage to carve out the time away. Perhaps, someday, or at least we hoped. Living in Germany was an unexpected gift the FIRST time our family got to do it – so when we were notified that my husband was selected for a position that would take us back, you could’ve knocked us both over with a wave of your hand.

And not just back to Germany, but back to Garmisch-Partenkirchen . . .

How could we even wrap our head around that?

Even now that it’s “officially official”, with orders, flights booked, PCS purge in full swing and pack-out inventories commenced, it still feels unreal.

Just the other week, I got to fill out an application for an updated passport, and in the occupation section I got to write “AUTHOR”.


Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a beautiful place. Nestled within the Bavarian Alps, it’s an outdoor playground, full of its own history and opportunities, and a launching point for trips to so many other places. For our family, it’s going to be a joy – another opportunity to build memories to last a lifetime. For me as a writer, it’s going to be . . . an unparalleled experience. Just downright amazing.

The last time we moved to Germany, I started writing Matthias and Avelina’s story, having no idea where it was going to go. Now, I’m headed over back there with drafts and plots and lists of everything that I hope to see and do.

Friends, I’m literally getting to Journey. Back. To. Metzlingen.

What a gift this is going to be.

When THE KING’S SWORD, the first novel of the Metzlingen Saga, leaves off, Matthias, Avelina, and their entourage are headed back into the woods toward the mountains and the next part of their story.

When my shoes hit the ground this summer, I’ll be able to walk in their boots again.

Breathe the air. Hike the mountains. Search and study the forests. Experience the mountain seasons and be better able to consider the harsh realities and potential threats they’re facing in their first winter in Metzlingen. Employ all my senses and work to translate that onto the page.

I’ll get to taste more of the traditional food and seek out historical recipes (and of course, make allowances for some of the family favorites like Spaghetti Eis, a delicious ice cream treat that looks like a bowl of its namesake).

I’ll get to talk to the people again. Hear their language. Learn more of the customs. Listen to their stories, ever hoping to become privy to more little things – tales, humor, tips, etc – that you won’t simply find on a tour guide’s printed pamphlet.

I’ll get to feel the history again, as I walk in the thick of it.

Comb through museums and libraries and historical sites. Explore ruins and villages. Visit the cities and castles and countries that are calling my name and calling my characters as their stories continue.

Y’all. Outside, I’m methodically move prepping and making mental list after mental list of ALL. THE. THINGS.

Inside, I’m squealing. Giddy. Cartwheeling. And THANKFUL.

Dreams can come true friends, even ones you didn’t quite know you had. Perhaps my Lizzie knew, in the way that kids just sometimes know these things, when she so proudly announced that to me from her swing. Who’s to know 🙂 I’m going to take every opportunity to fully immerse myself into the world of Metzlingen and beyond and learn more of the story and share it on the page and with you all.

Apologies for being as quiet as I have been. Moving is always a beast of a task but prepping and undertaking an international move for a family of seven is pretty all encompassing and intense lol. I’m still here, plugging away. Plotting and researching and typing away when I can, although with everything going on, the process has most definitely stalled a bit. I’m currently inventorying our house and prepping for three sets of movers (what goes to Germany, what goes to storage, and what gets sent as a separate “quicker” shipment). The next few months will be a bit crazy for us, but in between all of that, I have about thirty pages of outlined story notes I’ve pieced together that I plan to flesh out on the page. The sequel and other stories are there, growing and taking shape more each day. I’m thrilled to take you by my side and share the journey itself with you all soon, as I continue to create the stories of Metzlingen. Hang in there with me friends – the next leg of this journey is about to begin ❤

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