Back in the Seat & Building a Bucket-List (or Two)

Coffee? Check. Computer? Check. Cats (aka my writing buddies)? Double Check.

Then let’s go!

After about . . . two months of solid move prep, inventorying, and movers, I am BACK IN THE SEAT. The seat’s a bit different, as we’re in camp out mode in our almost empty house now until we leave, but it’s working quite well so far.

Can I admit that I was nervous? Well, I was. There’s this horrible thing called “Imposter Syndrome” that writers talk about, where we feel like a fraud. That we’re not good enough. Not getting enough done. Not doing as well as we should. That we aren’t “really, truly” a writer. I think those feelings of inadequacy chase after us in most of what we do or at least they try to. Sometimes it takes a little more convincing before we can silence those voices whispering behind our shoulders; other times, it’s much easier to shrug and flick them off.

The further that I got away from my writing routine, elbows deep in inventory spreadsheets, donation boxes, packing paper, and stress, the louder those voices became. I felt disconnected, from the story and the characters and their voices. Sometimes though, you just need to trust yourself – that you’re doing the right thing AND that things will fall into place when you’re ready.

And this week, I was ready.

I’m happy to say, getting back into routine was So. Much. Easier. than I ever anticipated. I felt like I opened the door through which for weeks I’d only heard the collective hum of my characters’ voices, and they all turned, raised their steins, and called my name (à la “Norm” in “Cheers”), happily welcoming me back.

MAN, did I ever miss this and miss them. ❤

Everybody is rather talkative, thankfully, so things are off to a rather excellent start. I’m working on adjusting my writing routine so that I can write during the day and read in the evening. I’m also dividing my time and working on a hodge-podge of things. The sequel to “The King’s Sword” (squee!! I LOVE this story!) and two “side-quest novellas” that I’m extremely excited about (Reymund’s and one that I’m not quite ready to share). I’ve drafted two new scenes so far this week and rewritten a synopsis, filling in the few holes that I wasn’t quite sure about before. I’ve got the few research books left that I’m reading through and taking notes (which I thought were accidentally packed but were safely hanging out in hubs van while he was traveling lol). A few more articles and books that I’ve downloaded. Another resource that I’m still looking for . . . (Where are you?? I know you’re out there somewhere. I WILL find you, even if I have to go straight to Vienna to find you. I mean, that sounds ok too lol).

I’m also sorting all the notes that I’ve emailed myself over the past two months and adding them to the ever-growing Metzlingen outline. It’s full of things to add to existing scenes, new scenes to write, things that need researched, research to double-check, things to look into, and a favorite section that leaves me pinching myself – the Bucket List.

Yes, the Bucket List. OK, so there might be two Bucket Lists. One for the family and one for my writing, but of course, some things will cross from one to the other. How could they not, right? They’re the lists of all the things to see and do and learn about and visit and on and on, while we are stationed overseas again.

I feel like they need fun names. Hmmm. Might have to chew on those. I’m definitely open to ideas 🙂

I definitely don’t want to waste a minute of our time there, even if it’s enjoying the quiet moments, and to take as much advantage of the opportunities that I’ll have as a writer.

Some things will be easier.

I’ll be able to walk out the door and the mountains will be RIGHT THERE. Where do I even start with this? Everything from simply seeing the sun rise and set to being able to dig into the daily life details. We’re supposed to be in Garmisch – Partenkirchen for a year, so I’ve decided that I’m planning to share a daily photo from there on my Instagram.

Some things will be a train or car ride away.

I’m mapping out places that we can take a quick trip to. Museums, ruins, castles, local towns, local events and festivities, etc. I’m looking forward to learning more about the traditions, history, aesthetics, food, techniques, in places like Oberammergau. Ettal Monastery. Innsbruck and Salzburg. Taking the kids to watch the cows come down from the mountains again ❤ Back to Fest and the flohmarkts (flea markets) and Weihnachtsmarkts (Christmas markets).

On a side note – The kids are great with traveling. We took day trips a lot and spent the majority of our time outside. They definitely remember our time in Germany before. Now that they’re a little older, I’m thrilled for them that they get to go back and start another adventure and create special memories.

Some things will require a bit more orchestration.

I’ve got a growing (and hopeful) list of research trips to other cities that I’d like to take, that can’t be completed in a day. Back to Maulbronn. To Nuremberg. Fulda. Trier. Bruges. Ghent. Guinegate (known as Enguinegate now). Florence. Genoa. Florence. Vienna.

If my characters are or were there, my goal is to get there.

There’s going to be so much to see and discover and research and WRITE.

Can’t wait to share it all with you! Until then, I’ll be happily typing away from my folding chair and tv tray 🙂

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