One Year Later

Tomorrow is THE KING’S SWORD’s book birthday 🙂

I still sometimes can’t believe that. I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and for coming along with me on the journey to Metzlingen. The novel is so very closer to my heart and to hear from readers how much they enjoyed it has meant so much. ❤

On the anniversary for the book’s release, we are a few days away from moving into our new home in Garmisch – Partenkirchen, Germany. All of the chaos and work and prep paid off – we made it back to Germany! We’ve been here a little over a week and have started venturing out onto the hiking trails around our rental.

Germany, and this area, are such a huge inspiration for the Metzlingen Saga. It’s going to be an extraordinary year for our family, one I plan to embrace as fully as possible, as I push forward towards my next writing goals.

Before we left Kentucky, I was squeezing what writing time I could in between inventories, moving boxes, and the hair-raising sound of moving tape (if you know, you know lol!). The stress was high, the mattresses on the floor were getting a bit uncomfortable, and my poor kids (and cats) were just DONE. It was all about getting through and getting here, and now, here we are.

The morning that we were flying in, as soon as we started our approach to Munich, I looked out the window and smiled. All the little village homes with their red roofs dotted amongst the fields started to come into view. Then on our drive here, when the mountains came into view, I nudged the only one of my kids who was awake and said, “Look baby, we’re home.” Her little eyes filled with tears of joy and it really struck me – I knew we had crossed this last phase off, and thankfully, moved into our next chapter.

After a day of adjustment, I’ve been writing every day again. The words just started to flow again. Snippets. Lines. Ideas. Details. A page here. Two hours there. Today a bit of reading, organizing, and plotting.

Since I’m back in the seat again, and here, my brain has been on overdrive. I’ve been creating and hopping between chapters. Fleshing out side projects. Happily jotting down whatever secrets and details my characters spill each day. Everywhere we look there’s something new to see and a detail that I want to use to build Metzlingen. I’ve been uploading more photos on my Instagram to share the journey with you too.

I told my writing bestie that part of my plan is to sit back once I have my writing space set up in our new home and take a larger view of where I am. It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to sit back, organize, and make a large storyboard. Prepping our family of 7 for an international move and a few family things took priority for awhile, but now that we are here, I am really excited to push forward.

I’m drafting, plotting, and conducting researching for, the untitled sequel to THE KING’S SWORD. (I do have a working title, subject to change, perhaps I’ll share that tomorrow 😉 ) and for (at least) two side projects with the Metzlingen Saga. These stories are growing and coming together.

I. Am. So. PUMPED.

Every day is a step further on this journey and I’m so thankful to be on it.

Thank you for joining me friends ❤

2 Comments on “One Year Later

  1. Lady!
    I’m so excited for you, your writing and your family… and just a wee bit green of the adventures ahead.


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